>> Look and listen to the sky. The sky has no limit.

WÄRMEPOL is a public social intermedia installation in the city of Chisinau/ Moldova created by the German sound and media artist Frank Schulte in the frame of Alternative KunsTräume by the Goethe Institut in Romania
The project started in October 2015 with a first installation work entitled “idea generator” in cooperation with local artist Valeria Barbas and has been presented in the Galeria Podzemka/Chisinau. For the project the artists collected wishes from the citizen of the city, that were either spoken andrecorded or handwritten on paper in the idea of sending a personal message from one heart to another person.
The handwritten wishes were collected and hung up on wool threads at leafless branches that have been attached to the ceiling of the underground basement. Along with this passable room installation, the artists composed an eight channel sound installation dedicated to the unspoken thoughts.
In a second step, the project continues in may 2018 with the “sky transmitter” installation project on the roof of the local art college Colegiul de arte plastice "Alexandru Plămădeală".
sky transmitter is a public intermedia installation consisting of a geodesic dome as it's architectural form and structure and two media devices.
a) a fm radio transmitter and
b) a sky camera with monitor.
For this installation the formerly collected spoken and recorded wishes of the citizens plus newly recorded voices were edited and composed to a 40min. radio composition. This composition will be transmitted permanently and ongoing in the city region of Chisinau.
The project creates a place that becomes a content transmitter with an oecolological membrane in dialogue with it’s urban surrounding. The installation object is a container and transmitter for immaterial ideas and wishes. The concept focused on the place as a social sculpture to facilitate the exchange, chance meeting and contemplative foresight on urban space.
An important part of the installation is its combination with an urban gardening project. In this context, the artist is particularly pleased to collaborate with the students of the Colegiul de arte plastice "Alexandru Plămădeală", which will enable a young generation of still-educated artists and designers to continue and nurture the place thus created with their energies. The installation as a plant can thus become the teacher of the spirit of exploration.
Our thanks go to the sponsors the german Goethe Institute, akzente md and the Colegiul del arte plasice and the many local supporters and project contributors without whom, this work would not have been feasible.
special thanks to Valeria Barbas, Lilia Dragneva, Max Kuzmenko, Anastasia Palii, Dumitru Carbuni, Felicia Ursu, Ludmila Malarciuc, Lilia Racila, Ion Nita, Oxana Suveica, Iana Sericova, Veronica Bejenari.