urban traces

a topographic listening research of social ambiences musically interpreted and re-composed

sound poetry - vocal performance - electroacoustic composition - improvisation
American vocalist Lauren Newton, internationally known for her amazing vocal techniques and performances and german sound and media artist Frank Schulte, expert for intermedia projects, sound processing and multi channel room sound spatialisation have been performing together since years in the context of improvisation, new music theatre and radio-art.


song lines - noise tales – dream scapes
In this Project the duo examines indigenous aspects of local sound ambience, its structure, quality, and interplay with the surrounding habitat interconnecting specific spaces with sound, noise, and language.

soundspace - collective memory
Bruce Chatwin‘s classic book, The Songlines, was among other things, a reflection on a communicative genre that performed the function of map, history, social identity, and personal voice. In this project the artists research and reflect the traces of sounds in urban culture.

social ambiences and local voices
Within this project’s framework, local acoustic sites like buildings, parks and urban resident spaces will be acoustically researched and documented. These sound spaces provide the source for multi-chanelled, electro-acoustic compositions providing a tableau on which both artists musically interact.

Newton‘s voice, at home in the genres of jazz and classic, traverses countless boundaries, calling to mind the music of far-off places, cultures past, present, lost or futuristic. In this project she will research the local language, its intonation within traditional song, pinpointing specific interpretations as well as unique vocal characteristics and transport them into a new sound/song perspective.


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project information - urban traces
PDF document about the project urban traces including short biographies of the artists
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