Haus der Ärzteschaft
Haus der Ärzteschaft

development and realisation of a sound space for the exhibition "light and seduction"
curated by: Matthias Wagner K & Sabine Schirdewahn

composition and realisation of a multi channel sound space event performance for the builiding architecture and conception of the opening performance of the building on demad of the  Ärztekammer Nordrhein.
realisation with support of the swiss sound artist Andres Bosshard and te brass ensemble Talking Horns accompanied by vocalist Julia Hagemann.

development of the intermedia room sound concept z e n t r i f u g e in cooperation with the seminar of Prof. Peter Stephan. Public Laboratories,  development and realsation of a sound data archive, works in the field of room sound and website - data base - network concepts.

realsiation of interactive audio installations for the Auschwitz exhibition of the Fritz-Bauer Institute at Frankfurter Gallus Haus, curatoed by: Erno Vroonen

artistic design of a mutli channel room sound composition for the soundtrack of the event presentation during the annual company convention of the RAG executive board at the renovated old  munich airport. Event conception by: Mic Thiemann -

MUSIC 4 KIDS - 2005/2006
realisation of the sounddesign and development of sensor based elektronic sound tables on demand of Musik Aktionen and the Frankfurt Music Fair. Conception by: Michael Bradke

phaeno (c) 2006

PHAENO - science museum - Wolfsburg.

composition and realisation of  multi channel ound scapes in the public

phaeno Conehall.
- Installation "Klangbild Fussball" ": 1. 6. - 9.07. 2006
- Installation "Klangwelten" - 1. 8. - 30.9. 06

and sound design of the phaeno message signals

GALESTRO - Caffè italian
constructio of the sound setup in coffee bars in Cologne

QATSI –TV, KREFELD - Portfolio
compositions and sounddesign for the currentcomapny portfolio on internet and DVD
watch Portfolio at:

LANDESMUSIKRAT NRW - websound design for the internet platform

BUILTBY TV - moving architecture - webbased channel for contemproary architecture

development of the sounddesign and composition of soundtracks for movies



MOBILES MUSIKMUSEUM - composition of a hörspiel about hearing and development of the sounddesign for installations. Presentationen in Child Museum Exhibitions.



BIENNALE FÜR INTERNATIONALE LICHTKUNST 2010 - Technical director of the audiovisual installation setup and audiovisual design of the opening event at Förderturm Boenen



LICHT KUNST RAUM - Exhibition project at  Reinoldikirche, Dortmund - Technical director of the audiovisual installation setup und acoustic design of the opening event



FRAUNHOFER INSTITUT - annual convention 2011 - Technik erleben - Zukunft hören

Presentation at the Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg.

Compositions for the mixed media presentations during the Event.

Event conception: panroyal



NATURE PARK OUR - Landscape Garden in the border triangle

composition of a hörspiel with sounds of the region and realisation of a topographic soundmap for the permanent exhibition at the nature park house Hosingen



My City: AMSTERDAM - composition and sound design for the pilot move and the new film series presented by ARTE and the Westdeutsche Fernsehen (WEST 3)


UMWELTBUNDESAMT - Ziel 2019 - Heute bauen für morgen

composition and sound design for a series of project presentations of the UBA in the field of certificated  construction projects with adjusted energy balance in public buildings