z e n t r i f u g e

sound & media laboratories


z e n t r i f u g e  focuses conceptually on the combination of visuals and sounds
within new media in a versatile relationship to a given performance/installation space,
and can be understood as following:
- multi-channel immersiv sound system
>>which enables to play an entire space as an instrument<< . interplay of acoustic and electronic musical devices
- sound laboratory
- a sound archive
- media lab with live video input, processing and control
- network platform for intermedia art forms



z e n t r i f u g e combines three aspects of electronic spheres at the same time. Focussing on the aspect of live interaction with electronic media, it enables computer musicians to performtogether with traditional instrumental musicians. Involving live sound processing, the artists create a unique multi channel listening space. Computer controlled sound signals are distributed as musical gestures throughout space by an array of speakers, using all dimensions (especially the vertical) of the performance space. The sound of the live musicians is fed into the system, reprocessed by the computer musicians and fed back to the space in real time through the speakers. A third aspect is added by the interaction with visual electronic media. Live video, video footage and vector animations try to extend the possibilities of perceiving the layers of sound. Last but not least, a growing electronic data base with sounds of all participating artists will offer an instant growing sound pool for all electronic musicians, who are part of the  z e n t r i f u g e  network.

  z e n t r i f u g e  is conceived by
Andres Bosshard - electronics, sound architect, artistic direction and
Frank Schulte - electronics, project coordinator
in association with
Prof. Peter Stephan -  Professor for Media Arts at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (KHM)
part of the team are

We're currently preparing our next live presentation and look forward for new contacts and additional requests from international festival partners and media arts-orientated universities and academies with interest in project partnership and collaboration.


associated members of the project are:

Volker Hennes - elektronics, Klangregie
Georg Schütz - visuals, Vvdeo
Alec Crichton - webmaster, visuals


student documentation of the project experimental workshops