augmented aur(e)ality  composition for mobile sound Vehicles in Public Space

Every city, every place tells its aural story, just as every space adds nuance to a sonic event. Seasons, topography, architecture, economic and social structures and dynamics –all are audible. When we go out in the streets, wander through the city and listen to it, that’s when we hear our culture. It is loud, restless, dominated by the sounds of combustion engines, electricity and the media, and it is connected to and enmeshed in a network of infrastructures.
I am interested in the question of how urban spaces affect our social and economic interactions and how sound can play a formative role in this context.

Stauklang/Traffic-Jamming is an interactive soundfield installation for slow moving cars in a traffic jam. In this instance, the constantly recurring phenomenon of traffic jams becomes an opportunity to transform cars and trucks into sonic-cars, creating a collectively experienced mobile sonic situation. Traffic-Jamming offers each driver the opportunity to become an  orchestral voice.

Stauklang uses a smart phone app that turns the individual smart GPS-phone into a location-sensitive radio receiver for exploring a new and augmented aur(e)ality. With this app and the possible additional support of a local radio station, a driver can turn his/her vehicle into a sonic-car that resonates and collaborates with other traffic-jammed citizens in a shared composition. If the cars move from one predetermined GPS zone to another, a new part of the composition fades up  (in a musical crossfade).  Open the vehicle windows and the music spreads into the surrounding space. The sounds diffuse and connect with each other. A new shared sound space is created.

More detailed information you can find in the project PDF File that you can download here.
project info Stauklang
PDF file with concept and technical requirements for the sound installation project "Stauklang"
Stauklang - project info - english 2015
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