operetta/ the acorn conversations

instant composed storytales, songlines and drama

if light and sound could speak each others language...

The new idea shelter by Schulte and Moss exploring memory, sharing light, shaping place

David Moss - voice, stories, contrasts

Frank Schulte - electronics, objects and light


contact us via mail Frank Schulte and David Moss for more information, or to present the fall/winter01 version of “The Acorn Conversations


“It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and devils, since we invented them.”
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Hear 21st-Century arias, cadenzas, overtures, and emotional song when the "man of a thousand voices" meets "virtual orchestra". It's an evening of wild sonorities in a dramatic scene, performed by Moss and Frank Schulte (turntables, records, samplers) that combines the voices of past, present, future , hi-tech samplers, low-tech vinyl LPs, and the wild drumming and powerful vocals of Moss.


David Moss, voices, drums & Frank Schulte, electronics, turntables


The musical partnership and friendship of Moss and Schulte now lasts for more than 20 years.

They have worked together in several projects and realized unnumbered live performances.

Many of their common work has been released on CD and was presented in several radio broadcasts.


more informations about David Moss can be found here:




common productions:

- Vocal VillageProject - Live at the Rote Fabrik"

[Intakt CD 062]

- Time Stories - duo works with Goebbels, Kuhn, Schulte, Makagami, Minton, Jauniaux

[Intakt CD051]

- Nosferatu - Moss/Minton/Schulte-  limited edition- (poise odd 06)

- Switchbox - Frank Schulte [NML 9421]

- The day we forgot - (Moss/Otto/Schulte) [No Man's Land CD# 9118]