light promenade lippstadt

sound- and light installation - the mediator

The Promenade of Light in Lippstadt/Germany is a permanent public Parcours of Light Art.

Since 2003, eleven light artists have contributed to the project; more installations are to be presented in the near future.

Artistic director and curator of the project is Dirk Raulf (Cologne).

This light/sound installation the mediator causes the referee tower for canoeing contests at the Lippstadt whitewater channel to transform into a fable creature after dark.

A system of speakers and light sources on the building and on the ground below uses peaceful
chords and a pale-blue illumination to put the tower into a breathing, sleeping state. Every hour
on the hour, the tower creature comes to life and proceeds to emit a series of acoustic and visual


Visit the Promenade of Light under

You can watch a TV broadcast about the installation that was produced by the Westdeutsche Rundfunks (WDR) in the net at: Meisterwerke